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Users can cross-search the full text of over 15,000 full text journals, 140,000 e-books plus other materials such as newspapers, statistical information, images and more using our new online Discovery Service. Any questions? Please contact the library.

Welcome to the University of Yangon Repository (UYR)

The University of Yangon Repository (UYR) is an open access repository with a set of services to capture, store, index, and provide access to scholarship produced by the University of Yangon.

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Feb 14, 2019

On Thursday, 21th February 2019, “EBSCO Discovery Service” training with students from Law Department at University of Yangon Library, presented by Dr. Hlaing Hlaing Gyi,..



Feb 6, 2019

On Wednesday, 20th February 2019, law graduate school students of Nagoya University visited at the University of Yangon..