About Us

Mission Statement

The University of Yangon Library has as mission to

  • Enable students to acquire information which supports pursuing the academic goals, research and knowledge;
  • Enhance professional growth of the faculties by supporting teaching and scholarship endeavors;
  • Provide professional intermediaries between users and information sources; and
  • Provide high quality information services based on the needs of library users

General library rules

Library users and staff should/ must interact with mutual respect and consideration.

  • Users are expected to treat library items, computers and electronic devices, photographic equipment, and other facilities with due respect
  • A UY ID card or Special Library Membership Card and External Library Membership Card needs to be used to borrow the library materials.
  • All Library users must acknowledge and observe the Library Rules and Policies.
  • Please do not speak loudly in the library area
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the library


  • Computers - 20 PCs and 25 laptops
  • Reader desks - seating for 200
  • Reference and Loans Desks
  • New book displays
  • Computer Training room
  • Research Support Program
  • Academic Writing Program

Volunteering at the Library

University of Yangon students are invited to volunteer in the library during holidays (Oct – Nov. and April - May). This helps the library and enables students to acquire skills in library services.

Volunteers who have worked for 100 hours receive a volunteer certificate from the library.

The work undertaken by volunteers includes

  • Circulation and shelving
  • Processing books
  • Periodical section
  • Digitization Process

Background History of the University of Yangon Library

The University of Yangon Library (UYL) was built in 1927. The foundation of the University of Yangon was designed by the British architect T.O. Foster. It was to be the first modern library building in Myanmar. The building was designed in the shape of the letter "L". The base of the “L” became the main stack room. The room was built as a large space separated by flooring in perforated iron, allowing the air to flow through. To get the best ventilation vertical windows were used and a silica gel pump machine installed to reduce the humidity.

The rest of the two-storey building contains a processing room, reference room, offices, librarian's room, discussion room and reading rooms. The building also includes a basement for storage. The first librarian of the library was U Khin Zaw, known for his books on Myanmar culture and history, which he authored under the pen-name K. At the time the Library was famous for its valuable collections of Myanmar Literature Manuscripts, and South East Asia text. During the war second world war, the University of Yangon was occupied by Japanese forces and used as military hospital. At the end of the war, the building was badly damaged, as retreating Japanese destroyed their supplies. But the Library was rebuilt after the war, when U Thein Han, a poet well-known as Zaw Gyi, became head librarian. In 1964, when the ‘new education system’ was introduced in Myanmar, the University of Yangon Library was re-organised and became part of the new Universities’ Central Library, a library for all academic libraries in Myanmar. In 1980, the library moved to a new modernized building adjacent to the old one.

In 1986, the University of Yangon Library reopened in the old pre-war building, while the Universities, Central Library continued to operate from the new building. The UYL focused on collecting and making available research and reference materials. Consequently the library became famous for its various collections: documents concerned with Myanmar and neighboring countries, palm-leaf bundles, paper manuscripts, old printed materials, a few ink stone inscriptions, cultural and literary records and books on South-East Asian social and political events. Today, the main aim of the library is to support the teaching and research programmes of teaching staff, scholars, researchers, and students from University of Yangon as well as other universities.

The following librarians managed the Library: