Department of Chemistry was established since 1920. Currently, the department offers BSc and BSc (Hons.) Degrees in Chemistry, Master Degrees and Mater of Research Degrees in two main branches – Chemistry and Biochemistry, and PhD Degree in Chemistry. These degrees are awarded based on the five specialized fields of Chemistry which are Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Nuclear Chemistry. Master program in the department was approved and officially carried out since 1924 and Doctoral degree programme since 1994. The department offered 579 PhD graduates in Chemistry from 1997 – 2018. From 2013-2014 academic year, the department re-opened the BSc degree courses programme in Chemistry. From 2017-2018 academic year, the department opened the BSc degree courses programme in Biochemistry.
The vision of the department is to create a system that can build a body of knowledge power house which enhances national prosperity and competitive standing in the world of work.
The mission of the department is to promote theoretically sound and intellectually matured researchers through advanced chemical education and research programme with the following objectives:
• To upgrade the chemistry curriculum and syllabi for undergraduate, master and doctoral degree courses to international level
• To set up a fully modernized spectroscopic laboratory
• To arrange academic staff exchange programme with international universities
• To produce high quality graduates
• To continuously develop the academic and support staff to meet the aspirations
• To be a centre of excellence
• To generate new young blood qualified researchers who are intellectually matured and skilled developed (Technocrats)
The department of chemistry operates under close supervision of Professor Head who is assisted by the professors taking decisions in association with the departmental board which comprises a cross section of the academic staff of the department. Much of the work of the board is carried out by 9 Panels comprising 5 professors and 4 associate professors; some senior lecturers out of 47 are included in the board. The department head sits as chairperson and the panels meet as and when necessary. At present, the department is headed by professor Dr Ni Ni Than, and it is currently constituted by 79 academic staff including one part-time professor,
4 professors, 4 associate professors, 24 lecturers, 22 assistant lecturers, 15 demonstrator and 10 part-time demonstrator and 2 administrative staff and 8 laboratory technicians. The departmental operation is further enhanced by the management of the Rector and Pro-rectors of University of Yangon.

1. Inorganic Chemistry
2. Physical Chemistry
3. Organic and Natural Products Chemistry
4. Analytical Chemistry
5. Nuclear Chemistry
6. Biochemistry