Physics Background

The Department came into existence soon after the University of Yangon was established in 1920. The department is situated in the South wing of the two storey Science building on the main campus. The department office is on the ground floor facing the garden.

All other sciences, whether applied or pure, depend to a greater or lesser extent on Physics. It is the study of nature which in the end governs the structure of biological molecules and the achievements of modern engineering. The department offers the following courses leading to BSc Honours, MSc, MRes, DAP (Diploma in Applied Physics: Engineering Physics) and PhD.

The Honours course

The aim of the Honours course is to provide a thorough education in Physics and Nuclear Physics, and a basic training for anyone wishing to make a career as a scientist or technologist in industry, pure research, teaching and related fields. The course as designed is oriented towards applied aspects of Physics. Students are offered the electronics and nuclear physics modules as the third levels. The Electromagnetic Field Theory and Laser Physics Module are also available in the Second Year Honours course and First Year MSc Nuclear Physics courses. The Laboratory Computational Physics Course is also available in the Second Year. Students are encouraged to relate Physics to other branches of science so that science is not seen as divided isolated compartments.

Degree Offering

Bachelor of Sciencce (BSc)

Bachelor of Science, Honours (BSc (Hons))

Master of Science (MSc)

Master of Engineering Physics (MEP)

Master of Research (MRes)

Diploma in Applied Physics (DAP)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



International Symposium on Environmental-Life Science and Nanoscales Technology 2019

December 27-28, 2019 University of

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Research Labs

  • Nuclear Lab
  • Materials Science Lab 1, 2
  • Microcontroller Lab

Fields Of Research

  • Theoretical Physics
  • Materials Science
  • Electronics
  • Energy engineering and environmental science
  • Nuclear physics
  • Theoretical and computational physics
  • Signal and image processing physics

 Nuclear Lab

Human Health for Radon Determination

Radiation Protection Method for Shielding

  • Full Energy Peak Efficiency
  • Calculation of Neutron Flux
  • Gamma activities
  • Detector Etching and Track Evaluation

Materials Science Lab

Thin Film Solar cell Technology

1) Dye Sensitized Solar Cell

2) Organic Solar Cell

3) Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Solar Cell

3) Perovskite Solar Cell

4) Ferroelectric, Dielectric and Pyroelectric Properties of Thin Films

5) Preparation, Characterization and Analysis of Nanoparticles and Fabrication of Organic Solar Cell



Nanoparticles, Nanofibre, Nano-rod, Nano wire Fabrication


Advanced Ceramic:

1)Ferroelectric ceramic fabrication and characterization

2)Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FeRAM)



Graphene Oxide and Conductive Graphene Layer


Biomass and Biochar

1)Fabrication of Biomass and biochar  from waste material

2)Comparative Study of Biomass Gasifiers


Microcontroller Lab

PIC Microcontroller Based Application Fabrication

Arduino Microcontroller Based Applications

Sensors Application


Theoretical Physics

1. Material Engineering
2. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
3. Nuclear Physics
4. Energy Engineering
5. Theoretical and Computational Physics
6. Signal and Image Processing Engineering (Information Technology)
7. Optics and Photonics


First Year BSc (Semester I)

Core Course

Phys 1101                   General Physics I

Elective Courses

Phys 1103                   Modern Physics I

Phys 1105                   Quantum Physics & Astrophysics

Chem 1001                  General Chemistry I

Geol 1001                   General Geology I

Math 1001                   Mathematics

AM 1001                     Aspects of Myanmar

Phys 1001                   General Physics I

Phys 1109/1009          Fundamental Environmental Physics I

ESd 1002                    Fundamental Environmental Physics I


First Year BSc (Semester II)

Core Course

Phys 1102                   General Physics II

Elective Courses

Phys 1104                   Modern Physics II

Phys 1106                   Stars and Galaxies

Chem 1002                  General Chemistry II

Geol 1003                   General Geology II

Math 1003                   Mathematics

AM 1002                     Aspects of Myanmar

Phys 1002                   General Physics II

Phys 1110/1010          Fundamental Environmental Physics II

ESd 1005                    Fundamental Environmental Physics II

Second Year BSc (Semester I)

Core Courses

Phys 2101                   Mathematical Physics

Phys 2103                   Electric and Magnetic Fields

Phys 2105                   Atomic Physics

Elective Courses

Phys 2107                   Statistical Mechanics

Phys 2109                   Space-time Physics

Math 2001                   Mathematics

Phys 2003                   Electric and Magnetic Fields

ESd 2103                    Energy and Resources I


Second Year BSc(Semester II)

Core Courses

Phys 2102                   Computational Physics

Phys 2104                   Thermal Physics

Phys 2106                   Analytical Mechanics

Elective Courses

Phys 2108                   Optics

Phys 2110                   Relativistic Mechanics

Math 2004                   Mathematics

Phys 2004                   Thermal Physics

ESd 2107                    Energy and Resources II

Third Year BSc (Semester I)

Phys 3101                   AC Circuits

Phys 3103                   Nuclear Physics

Phys 3105                   Classical Mechanics

Phys 3107                   Electromagnetic Wave Theory

Elective Courses

Phys 3109                   Mathematical Physics

Math 3001                   Mathematics

ESd 3101                    Pollution and Prevention I


Third Year BSc (Semester II)

Core Courses

Phys 3102                   Electronics

Phys 3104                   Nuclear Physics

Phys 3106                   Classical Mechanics

Phys 3108                   Electromagnetic Wave Theory

Elective Courses

Phys 3110                   Mathematical Physics

Math 3002                   Mathematics

ESd 3105                    Pollution and Prevention II

Fourth Year BSc (Semester I)

Core Courses

Phys 4101                   Electronics

Phys 4103                   Nuclear Physics

Phys 4105                   Quantum Mechanics

Phys 4107                   Condensed Matter Physics

Phys 4109                   Theoretical Physics

ESd 4103                    Climate change

ESd 4105                    Environmental Physics I


Fourth Year BSc (Semester II)

Core Courses

Phys 4102                   Electronics

Phys 4104                   Nuclear Physics

Phys 4106                   Quantum Mechanics

Phys 4108                   Condensed Matter Physics

Phys 4110                   Theoretical Physics

ESd 4106                    Environmental Physics II