Historical Background

Rangoon College was established in 1878 under Calcutta University, which was later named Government College in 1906. Physics Department was established in early 1920 under Meteorology Department in University College with Physics Department itself established in 1924. Dr Maung Maung Kha took the helm in 1947 as the first national professor of Physics at Yangon University.
The department offers the courses granting such degrees as BSc, BSc Honours, DAP (Diploma in Applied Physics), MSc, MRes (2002-2018), MEP (Master of Engineering Physics) and PhD (1994-present). The MSc programs deals with the specific areas: Electronics Physics and Nuclear Physics whilst the PhD programs were approved in 1994 with the specializations in Theoretical Physics, Nuclear Physics, Electronics and Materials Science.

The Honours course

The aim of the Honours course is to provide a thorough education in Physics and Nuclear Physics, and a basic training for anyone wishing to make a career as a scientist or technologist in industry, pure research, teaching and related fields. The course as designed is oriented towards applied aspects of Physics. Students are offered the electronics and nuclear physics modules as the third levels. The Electromagnetic Field Theory and Laser Physics Module are also available in the Second Year Honours course and First Year MSc Nuclear Physics courses. The Laboratory Computational Physics Course is also available in the Second Year. Students are encouraged to relate Physics to other branches of science so that science is not seen as divided isolated compartments.

The Courses We Offer

The department offers the courses granting such degrees as BSc, BSc Honours, DAP (Diploma in Applied Physics), MSc, MRes (2002-2018), MEP (Master of Engineering Physics) and PhD.

Degree Descriptions

The aims of the courses are to provide thorough knowledge and competencies in various branches of physics through our basic and advanced activities of training to anyone determined to make a career as a technologist or a researcher in the industrial and educational sectors. The courses are designed and run in the applied and theoretical aspects of physics with all the programs enabling the students to acquire knowledge, conceptual understanding and creativity and simultaneously making the students able to broaden their problem-solving skills not only in physics but also in the other contexts of science.
The objectives of the current courses are to assist the students to understand the interdependence between science and society. Furthermore, the courses can also help the students become aware of the local and the global dimension of science with reference to the relevant social, environmental and cultural factors.

Degree Descriptions



International Symposium on Environmental-Life Science…

December 27-28, 2019 University of

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Materials Science Lab
• Thin Film Solar cell Fabrication
• Organic Photovoltaic Cell
• Organic Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cell
• Ferroelectric Thin Film Memory Device Fabrication
• Ferroelectric Ceramic Designs
• Biomass and Biochar
• Graphene Oxide and Conductive Graphene Layer
• Nanoparticles, Nanofibre, Nano-rod, Nano wire Fabrication
• Potential Induced Degradation (PID) and Recovery of Solar Panel based on Climate Change
• Fabrication of DSSC with Natural Dye Sensitizers (Including Myanmar Algae)
• Solid Oxide Fuel Cell with Agricultural Wastes
• Electrochromic Fabrication
• Agricultural Waste for Cement Replacement



• Embedded System: Design and Applications
• Automation of unmanned vehicles
• Image processing
• Sensor (fabrication and prototyping)
• Nonlinear Kalman filters for sensor fusion
• Artificial Intelligence (AI)
• Nanoelectronics

Nuclear Physics
• Monitoring of Radon Concentration Research in Myanmar
• Neutron Activation Analysis
• Radiation Protection and Shielding
• Modeling of Nuclear Data Research
• Food Irradiation
• Monitoring and Determination of Nuclear Radioactive Behavior in Air, Soil, Water, Rock and Minerals
• Radiation Hazard and Health Physics

Environmental Physics
• Water Quality Analysis by Nanotechnology
• Meteorological and Hydrological Researches
• Renewable Energy
• Climate Change, Monitoring & Disaster Management



1. Material Engineering
2. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
3. Nuclear Physics
4. Energy Engineering
5. Theoretical and Computational Physics
6. Signal and Image Processing Engineering (Information Technology)
7. Optics and Photonics

Sr No. University/ Institution/Organization Collaboration / Program
1 Josai University, Japan (1) Lectures Series on 5S Kaizen & Management
(2) Job Fair Program
(3) Staff Exchange Program
(4) Student Exchange Program
2 Gifu University, Japan (1) Staff Exchange Program
3 Australian National University (ANU), Australia (1) Training on Experimental Physics
(2) Staff Exchange Program
4 Tampere University, Turku University Finland Development of Energy Education in Mekong Area (Erasmus + DEEM project)
5 Europa-Universitat Flensburg, Germany Development of Energy Education in Mekong Area (Erasmus + DEEM project)
6 Wageningen University,
Development of Energy Education in Mekong Area (Erasmus + DEEM project)
7 Finland Future Research Center (FFRC)
Development of Energy Education in Mekong Area (Erasmus + DEEM project)
8 Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), Cambodia Development of Energy Education in Mekong Area (Erasmus + DEEM project)
9 Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), Cambodia Development of Energy Education in Mekong Area (Erasmus + DEEM project)
10 National University of Laos, Laos Development of Energy Education in Mekong Area (Erasmus + DEEM project)
11 Kasetsart University, Thailand (1) Joint Research Project for PhD & MSc
12 Universitat Konstanz, Germany (1) Scholar Exchange for MSc
(2) Staff Exchange Program
13 Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore (1) Staff Exchange Program
(2) Student Exchange Program
14 University of Applied Sciences Jena, Germany (1) Future Collaboration of Instrumentation& Materials Physics
15 Louisiana State University, America (1) Geophysics & Water Study Research
16 Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan (1) Doctoral Degree Program
17 Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan (1) Doctoral Degree Program
18 University of Tokyo, Japan (1) Doctoral Degree Program
19 Kyushu University, Japan (1) Doctoral Degree Program
20 Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia (1) PhD Sandwich Program
21 Chulalongkorn University, Thailand (1) PhD Sandwich Program
(2) Integrated Graduate Program
22 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea (1) Research Fellowship Program
23 Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University, Thailand (1) Joint Fellowship Program for Doctoral Studies
24 University of Santo Tomas, Philippines (1) Share Scholarship Program
25 University of the Philippines, Philippines (1) Share Scholarship Program
26 Hue University, Vietnam (1) Share Scholarship Program
27 Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and Education, Vietnam (1) Share Scholarship Program
28 Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan (1) Joint Research Project for PhD & MSc
29 Korea Foundation For Advanced Studies (1) Post Doctorate Fellowship Program
(2) Research Granting
30 Hokkaido University, Japan (1) PhD Program


First Year BSc (Semester I)

Core Course

Phys 1101                   General Physics I

Elective Courses

Phys 1103                   Modern Physics I

Phys 1105                   Quantum Physics & Astrophysics

Chem 1001                  General Chemistry I

Geol 1001                   General Geology I

Math 1001                   Mathematics

AM 1001                     Aspects of Myanmar

Phys 1001                   General Physics I

Phys 1109/1009          Fundamental Environmental Physics I

ESd 1002                    Fundamental Environmental Physics I


First Year BSc (Semester II)

Core Course

Phys 1102                   General Physics II

Elective Courses

Phys 1104                   Modern Physics II

Phys 1106                   Stars and Galaxies

Chem 1002                  General Chemistry II

Geol 1003                   General Geology II

Math 1003                   Mathematics

AM 1002                     Aspects of Myanmar

Phys 1002                   General Physics II

Phys 1110/1010          Fundamental Environmental Physics II

ESd 1005                    Fundamental Environmental Physics II

Second Year BSc (Semester I)

Core Courses

Phys 2101                   Mathematical Physics

Phys 2103                   Electric and Magnetic Fields

Phys 2105                   Atomic Physics

Elective Courses

Phys 2107                   Statistical Mechanics

Phys 2109                   Space-time Physics

Math 2001                   Mathematics

Phys 2003                   Electric and Magnetic Fields

ESd 2103                    Energy and Resources I


Second Year BSc(Semester II)

Core Courses

Phys 2102                   Computational Physics

Phys 2104                   Thermal Physics

Phys 2106                   Analytical Mechanics

Elective Courses

Phys 2108                   Optics

Phys 2110                   Relativistic Mechanics

Math 2004                   Mathematics

Phys 2004                   Thermal Physics

ESd 2107                    Energy and Resources II

Third Year BSc (Semester I)

Phys 3101                   AC Circuits

Phys 3103                   Nuclear Physics

Phys 3105                   Classical Mechanics

Phys 3107                   Electromagnetic Wave Theory

Elective Courses

Phys 3109                   Mathematical Physics

Math 3001                   Mathematics

ESd 3101                    Pollution and Prevention I


Third Year BSc (Semester II)

Core Courses

Phys 3102                   Electronics

Phys 3104                   Nuclear Physics

Phys 3106                   Classical Mechanics

Phys 3108                   Electromagnetic Wave Theory

Elective Courses

Phys 3110                   Mathematical Physics

Math 3002                   Mathematics

ESd 3105                    Pollution and Prevention II

Fourth Year BSc (Semester I)

Core Courses

Phys 4101                   Electronics

Phys 4103                   Nuclear Physics

Phys 4105                   Quantum Mechanics

Phys 4107                   Condensed Matter Physics

Phys 4109                   Theoretical Physics

ESd 4103                    Climate change

ESd 4105                    Environmental Physics I


Fourth Year BSc (Semester II)

Core Courses

Phys 4102                   Electronics

Phys 4104                   Nuclear Physics

Phys 4106                   Quantum Mechanics

Phys 4108                   Condensed Matter Physics

Phys 4110                   Theoretical Physics

ESd 4106                    Environmental Physics II