The Department of Law came into existence in 1920, with the founding of Rangoon University, today known as the University of Yangon.  Law was one of seven original affiliated faculties of  Rangoon University.

Bachelor of Laws (BL)

During the early years the only degree offered by the Law Department was a Bachelor of Laws (BL, known as LLB in other universities), as a part-time post graduate degree course. The BL Degree consisted of a two year course of study.

Bachelor of Arts in Law (BA (Law)),  Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

With advent of the Revolutionary Council after 1962, a Committee to reform legal education was established, and significant reforms were accomplished by the Higher Education Law, 1964. After 1964, the law course at the University of Yangon became a fulltime course.  Under this system, students obtained a BA (Law) degree after 4 years of study and had to continue their studies another one year to get their LLB degree.

Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

In 1965 the reformed system of higher education introduced a fulltime LLB course in the Department of Law at UY.

The Bachelor of Laws degree programme remained the norm for University legal studies in all Law Departments of Myanmar’s universities except the University of Yangon and the University of Mandalay until 2013.

The government of Myanmar closed down undergraduate studies at UY from 1996 – 2013.  However, with a change of government, from the academic year 2013-2014 the UY Law Department re-launched its first year law classes for students with outstanding matriculation results.

Master of Laws (LLM)

The first postgraduate legal degree programme at the Department of Law, the LLM degree programme, was established in 1973.  The new LLM programme presently runs for two years.  The programme offers the opportunity to specialize in four different areas: Civil Law, Commercial Law, International Law, and Maritime Law.

During their first three semesters students take requisite Masters level courses and are assessed by examination.  During their final semester, students must undertake their own research and produce a written thesis.  Students with LLB degrees are admitted into the LLM programme at the University of Yangon’s Department of Law after successfully passing an entrance examination.Master of Research (MRes)

This is a one year programme dedicated to researching the law.  Students are required to develop and produce a significant piece of scholarship during their candidacy.  LLM degree holders who are qualified to do research are admitted to this programme.

Doctoral Programme (PhD)

Since 1999 the Department of Law has offered a PhD degree programme which has consistently been in high demand. The doctoral course lasts five years.  The first year is a preliminary qualifying year, which includes methodological and theoretical study.

The remaining four years are devoted to the preparation of the candidate’s dissertation.  Eligibility to enter the programme is limited to LLM degree holder academic staff and ministerial staff with two or more years of service who can pass an entrance examination; and MRes degree holders (who are exempted from the entrance exam). To date UY has conferred 90 PhDs for different areas of law (Civil Law, International Law, Intellectual Property, Environmental Law, among others).

Graduate Diploma Courses

Graduate diploma courses are offered by the Department of Law under the University’s Human Resources Development Programme.  There are four different areas of law in which diplomas are offered: Business Law, International Law, Maritime Law and Intellectual Property Law.  Each diploma course lasts one year.  Individuals with any undergraduate degree who pass the entrance examination can attend the Diploma courses.

Admission Requirements (DBL, DIL, DML, DIPL)

  • A Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized University
  • Copy of degree certificate
  • Should not be concurrently seeking education in other Universities or Institutes
  • Attendance on the programme (7am – 9am)
  • Satisfactory results in Entrance Examination
  • Five current passport-size photos

 Application Check List

Completed application package must include:

  • Completed application form

Note: Incomplete or incorrect application information will not be considered for admission.

Master of Arts in Business Law (MA Business Law)

The Department of Law also offers a two year MA programme in Business Law.  In order to gain entry a student must have a graduate diploma in business law and pass an entrance examination.

Admission Requirements

  • A Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized University
  • Copy of degree certificate
  • Should not be concurrently seeking education at other Universities or Institutes
  • Attendance on the programme (7am – 9am)
  • Satisfactory results in Entrance Examination
  • Five current passport-size photos


Prof. Dr Khin Phone Myint Kyu Professor

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Prof. Dr Khin Chit Chit Professor

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U Htun Than Lecturer

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Daw San San Lwin Lecturer

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U Hlaing Win Lecturer

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Daw Wit Yee Win Assistant Lecturer

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Dr. Khin Hninn Wint Kyaw Assistant Lecturer

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U Ba Thwin Part Time Professors

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Prof. Daw Wai Wai Kyi Part Time Professors

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1. Civil Law
2. International Law
3. Maritime Law
4. Commercial Law
5. Intellectual Property Law
6. Environmental Law
7. Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law
8. Comparative Law

2017-2018 Academic Year





Foundation Courses

မ ၁၀၀၁         ျမန္မာစာ

Eng 1001      English

Core Courses  (For Law Specialization)        

Law 1101    Introduction to the Study of Law I

Law 1102    History of State and Law

Elective Courses (One subject to be chosen)        

Phil 1001      Logic in Practice I

Hist 1001     Introduction to Myanmar Civilizations I

IR 1002        Introduction to International Relations I

Psy 1004      Public Relations

Eco 1001      Principles of Microeconomics

Geog1003    Geography of Southeast Asian Countries

OS   1003     Buddhist Culture

AM 1001      Aspects of Myanmar



Foundation Courses

မ ၁၀၀၂            ျမန္မာစာ

Eng 1002        English

Core Courses            

Law 1103         Introduction to the Study of Law II

Law 1104        Jurisprudence

Elective Courses (One subject to be taken)      

Phil 1003        Logic in Practice II

Hist 1004        Introduction to Myanmar Civilizations II

IR 1004           Introduction to International Relations II

Psy 1008         Understanding Human Interaction

Eco 1002         Principles of Macroeconomics

Geog1004        Geography of Myanmar

OS 1007          Pali Literature

AM 1002          Aspects of Myanmar


Foundation Course

Eng 2001         English

Core Courses

Law 2101        Myanmar Customary Law I

Law 2102        Law of Contract

Law 2103        Labour Law

Elective Courses   (For Law Specialization )

(One subject to be chosen)

Law 2104        Law Relating to Sale of Goods

Law 2105        Principles of Legal Profession

(One subject to be chosen )
Eng 2003         Developing Communicative Skills I
Phil 2004         Philosophy of Law I
IR 2002           Elements of Political Institutions I
Eco 2001         Macroeconomics
Elective Courses  ( For other Specializations )
Law 2001        Study of Law (CU – 3 For IR)
Law 2002        Law and Justice I (For Political Science)



Foundation Course

Eng 2002         English

Core Courses

Law 2106        Myanmar Customary Law II

Law 2107        Law of Tort

Law 2108        Land Law

Elective Courses  (For Law Specialization )

(One subject to be chosen)

Law 2109        Negotiable Instruments Act

Law 2110        Law of Banking

(One subject to be taken)

Eco 2002         International Trade

Eng 2004         Developing Communicative Skills II

Phil 2009         Philosophy of Law II

IR 2004           Elements of Political Institutions II

Elective Courses  (For other Specializations )

Law 2003        Business Law (Commerce + B Act)

Law 2004        Law and Justice II (For Political Science)

Law 2005        ASEAN Documents

Law 2006        Introduction to International Law (For IR)


Foundation Course

Eng 3001         English

Core Courses

Law 3101        Criminal Law

Law 3102        Public International Law I

Law 3103        Business Law I

Elective Courses   (For Law Specialization)

(One subject to be taken)

Law 3104        Conflict of Laws

Law 3105        Law of Banking

(One subject to be taken)

Psy 3001         Crime and Psychology I

Eng3003          Communicative Skills (Advanced)

Eng 3006         Translation

Eco 3001         Introduction to Economics of Development

IR 3002           Current Issues in International Relations

Elective Courses  (For other Specializations)

Law 3001             ILO Convention)

Law 3002                   International Law I (4 CU For IR)

Law 3003                   General Principles of International Law (For PS)

MS 3105                    Customary Law of Myanmar (4 Cu For MS)

Mgt 3101                    Business Law

CL 3001                      Commercial Law I

BM 3107                    Business Law I

PP                               Administration Law I

ES 3101                     Environmental Law

AS 3003                      Legal Framework on ASEAN I



Foundation Course

Eng 3002         English

Core Courses

Law 3106        Criminal Procedure Code

Law 3107        Human Rights Law

Law 3108        Business Law II

Elective Courses (For Law Specialization)

(One subject to be taken)

Law 3109        Law of Insurance

Law 3110        Law of Treaties

Elective Courses (One subject to be taken)

Psy 3002         Crime and Psychology II

Eco 3002         International Finance

Eng 3004         Developing Communicative Skills

IR 3004           Current Issues in International Relations II

Elective Courses (For other Specializations)

Law 3004/Law 3204                        Legal Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (For LI)

Law 3005/Law 3205 (1stYr Hon.)   International Law II  (4 CU for IR)

Law 3006/Law 3206 (1stYr Hon.)  International Human Rights Law (For P S)

Law 3007/Law 3207                           Business and Human Rights (3Cu for BDevS) (Eco)

BM 3108                                             Business Law II (For UDE)

PP 3002/PP 3202                                Public Administration Law II

AS 3006/ AS 3206                              Legal Framework on ASEAN II


Core Courses

Law 4101        Constitutional Law

Law 4102        Civil Procedure Code I

Law 4103        Revenue Law I

Law 4104        Law of International Institutions I

Elective Courses 

Law 4105        Environmental Law

Law 4106        International Economic Law

Law 4107        Child Law of Myanmar

Elective Courses  (For Other Specializations)

Law 4001/Law 4201(2nd Yr. Hons)    World Constitutions (For IR)

Law 4002/Law 4202 (2nd Yr. Hons)   Administrative Law (For IR)

AS 4003/Law 4203                             Constitutions of ASEAN Countries I

BS 4002                                              Business Law (EPP)




Core Courses

Law 4108        Administrative Law

Law 4109        Civil Procedure Code II

Law 4110        Revenue Law II

Law 4111        Law of International Institutions II

Elective Courses

Law 4112        Law of the Sea

Law 4113        Transport Law

Law 4114        Intellectual Property Law

Elective Courses (For Other Specializations)

Law 4003/Law 4203      (2nd Yr. Hons)          International Environmental Law (For IR)

Law 4004/Law 4204    (2nd Yr. Hons)            International Human Rights Law (For IR)

Law 4005                                                        Law of Contract (3 CU for BDevS) (Eco)

ES   4110 (4th Yr.)/4210(2nd Yr. Hons)           Enforcement of Environmental Law (4 Cu)

AS  4006/AS 4206                                          Constitutions of ASEAN Countries II

MS 4109/MS 4209                                          Practical Aspects of Myanmar Customary Law


Core Courses

Law     5101   Law of Evidence I

Law     5102 Shipping Law I

Law     5103   Military Law

Elective Courses

Law     5104   Comparative Law

Law     5105   Criminology

Law     5106   International Humanitarian Law

Elective Courses (For Other Specializations)

Law     5001/Law 5201 (3rdYr.Hons)              Law of World Institutions I  (For IR)

Law     5002/Law 5202 (3rdYr.Hons)              Law of Treaties I

ES       5206 (3rd Yr. Hons, Qualifying)          Environmental Law and International


AS       5003                                                   ASEAN Economic Agreements I



Core courses

Law 5107        Law of Evidence II

Law 5108        Shipping Law II

Law 5109        Civil Litigation

Elective Courses

Law 5110        Constitutions of ASEAN Countries

Law 5111        Law of Commercial Arbitration

Law 5112        International Air and Space Law

Elective Courses (For IR Student)

Law 5003/ Law 5203 (3rd Yr. Hons)  Law of World Institutions II (For IR)

Law 5004 / Law 5204 (3rd Yr. Hons) Law of Treaties II

Elective Courses(For Other Specialization)

 AS 5006                                             ASEAN Economic Agreements  II

PA 5104 (Final YrHons; BBA,         Administrative Law (For Applied Economics)

Qualifying BBA/BDevS)

MS 5212                                             Family Laws in Myanmar (For MS)