“tekkatho” means “university” in Pali.

eTekkatho, is a not-for-profit project committed to providing a free digital library of research and learning resources to today’s students, academics and librarians in Myanmar (Burma). The eTekkatho digital library contains key educational resources specially collected to support teaching and research in Myanmar.

We select the best global open educational resources and adapt them so that they can work anywhere, even in places with little or no internet connection.

We are a virtual collaboration between the Tekkatho Foundation and our participating partner institutions in Myanmar. The library content is selected to support the curricula and ethos of our partner universities and institutions and each resource is approved by at least two specialists.

Alongside providing a free digital library, we also run programmes of training to librarians, educators and students where we introduce people of all ages in Myanmar to using the eTekkatho library, self-study and basic computer (IT) skills.

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