The University has in recent years developed extensive cooperation with some of the leading universities in the world that aim to transform teaching, research and administration.

The University of Yangon is a member of

The University collaborates extensively with the institutes of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation (SEAMEO) including RELC (Languages), CHAT (Culture and History), RIHED (Higher Education Development) and QITEP (Science), as well as with projects funded by bilateral and multilateral development agencies. These projects include:

  • Erasmus+ Capacity-Building projects funded by the European Union
  • TIDE (UK aid, DFID)
  • AUN & AUN/SEED-Net
  • JICA
  • DAAD

Every year the University welcomes over one hundred international students from more than a dozen countries, mainly to study Myanmar language or on regional exchange programmes.

The University of Yangon is proud of its extensive links with Universities and other institutions from Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Hungary, Germany, Australia, Italy, Norway, America, England.

AUA-UY Academic Conference held in University of Yangon, Myanmar

Long-Term Collaboration Program

1. University of Yangon is member of ASEAN Universities Network (AUN)

  • AUN-QA Training and implementation
  • AUN/SEED-Net Scholarship Program

2. Collaboration between University of Yangon and Chung Ang University, Korea (Supported by KOICA)

  • One year training on “Diploma in International Studies”.
  • Establishment of The Myanmar-Korea Centre for International Studies

3. Collaboration between Anthropology Department, University of Yangon & Hanyang University, Korea (Supported by KOICA).

  • Local capacity development project for inclusive development in Myanmar (for two years projects)
  • Establishment of Myanmar-Korea Local Knowledge Center

4. Collaboration between Law Department, University of Yangon & Nagoya University, Japan.

  • Establishment of Myanmar- Japan Legal Research Center
  • Establishment of Centre of Excellence for Urban and Regional Development in collaboration with Geography Department, YU and Cologne University, Germany.

Visiting Fellow Program

1. Scholar Exchange to IR, Law and Archaeology Dept., supported by Open Society Foundations (OSF)
2. Visiting Professor Program under AUN-SEED/Net Program