The Environment and Water Studies (EWS) Department at the University of Yangon was established to contribute the capacity building of the human resources working in the Myanmar water and environment sectors. The decision to establish the Department came as a result of the immense endowment of Myanmar’s water resources that poses both tremendous opportunity for sustainable and equitable development, as well as a tremendous number of governance challenges and social risks to navigate.

Bachelor and Postgraduate Diploma in Water Studies Program will be offered in 2020-2021 academic year and Master Program in 2021-2022 academic year.

- Water Resource Management
- Water Quality and Pollution Control
- Water and Energy
- Water and Climate Change
- Water Governance
- Water Humanity

  • Developing Post-graduate Diploma curriculum with Central European University (Hungary)
  • Developing BSc (Water Studies) curriculum with Northern Illinois University (USA), Colorado State University (USA), VU University Amsterdam (the Netherlands), and Lund University (Sweden)
  • Nuffic_Orange Knowledge Programme, Tailor- Made Training Project (Jan 2020 – Dec 2020) with VU University Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
  • Nuffic_Orange Knowledge Programme, Tailor- Made Training Plus Project (July 2020 – Mar 2022) with VU University Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
  • Future Dams Project (Nov 2019 – Oct 2021) with University of Manchester, UK
  • Hosting Fulbright specialist from Oregon State University for the area of Water and Health (Jan-Mar 2021), USA