International Relations Office

The International Relations Office of the University of Yangon was established in 2017, and reports to the Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs, Dr Omar Kyaw.

The role of the IRO is to support the University to achieve its international objectives by providing professional, efficient and effective services to the Rector and the senior team, departments, staff and students.

The services of the IRO can be divided into three main streams:

  1. Services to staff
    • Working as a contact and coordination point for all international activities
    • Arranging incoming visits from international visitors
    • Advising on MoUs and collaboration agreements and ensuring that all agreements are in accordance with University guidelines.
    • Supporting the preparation of applications for international projects (like Erasmus), and assisting with project management and reporting.
    • Assisting staff with participation in international events.
  2. Services to students
    • Informing our students about international scholarship opportunities
    • Supporting students to make scholarship applications
    • Advising students going out on exchange programmes
    • Assisting incoming international students including a welcome programme and problem-solving (for example when their financial support does not come through)
    • Organising social events to promote integration of international students
  3. Developing the University’s international visibility
    • Developing the website especially the profile of the University and information for international partners
    • Gathering information about partner universities and international organisations and sharing them across the University
    • Advising the Rector and senior management on international activities.

Who we are:

The IRO is supported on a part-time basis by the following staff across the University:

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Contact us:

tel: +95 1 527067

fax: +95 1 510721

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Name of the Scholar Country Level Subject Full or part scholarship Closing date More details
Kansai University Japan Any UG student Intensive Japanese Language Course Part 12 Mar 18 & 6 April 18
IRO e-mail of 28 Feb 18
Chinese Universities China Any level (B/M/D) Any subject Full 25 Mar 18
IRO e-mail of 26 Feb 18
Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST) China Post-graduate (M/D) Any subject offered by KUST Full 30 Mar 18
IRO e-mail of 26 Feb 18
Kochi University of Technology Japan PhD Any subject offered by KUT Full 16 Mar 18
IRO e-mail of 26 Feb 18

Macau University Macau SAR China Bachelor Any Full 20 Apr 18 IRO e-mail of 26 Feb
SNU President’s Fellowship Korea PhD Any Full 22 Mar 18
IRO e-mail of 26 Feb
Chevening Scholarship UK Masters Any Full Opens August, closes October