Visiting Fellow Program

  1. Scholar Exchange to IR, Law and Archaeology Dept., supported by Open Society Foundations (OSF)
  2. Visiting Professor Program under AUN-SEED/Net Program

Long-Term Collaboration Program

  1. University of Yangon is member of ASEAN Universities Network (AUN)
    • AUN-QA Training and implementation
    • AUN/SEED-Net Scholarship Program
  2. Collaboration between University of Yangon and Chung Ang University, Korea (Supported by KOICA)
    • One year training on “Diploma in International Studies”.
    • Establishment of The Myanmar-Korea Centre for International Studies
  3. Collaboration between Anthropology Department, University of Yangon & Hanyang University, Korea (Supported by KOICA).
    • Local capacity development project for inclusive development in Myanmar (for two years projects)
    • Establishment of Myanmar-Korea Local Knowledge Center
  4. Collaboration between Law Department, University of Yangon & Nagoya University, Japan.
    • Establishment of Myanmar- Japan Legal Research Center
    • Establishment of Centre of Excellence for Urban and Regional Development in collaboration with Geography Department, YU and Cologne University, Germany.