AUA-UY Academic Conference held in University of Yangon, Myanmar

Date: 2018-12-04
Venue: Yangon, Myanmar


On 4 December 2018, the International Academic Conference on the topic of “Academic Conference on Sustainable Environmental Conservation: Water Resources” with the financial support of Asian Universities Alliance will be hosted at the University of Yangon, Yangon, Myanmar. At the opening ceremony, the Rector of University of Yangon Professor Dr Pho Kaung delivered an opening address. He began by welcoming presenters, special guests, and all participants to University of Yangon, and brings out the objectives and theme of the conference. He said:

“All of us are aware that water is one of the most essential needs for the continuous survival of human beings. There is a saying in Myanmar. One can go without food for a week but without water for just half of a day. … Our country, Myanmar is rich in water resources but the water shortages can still be found in the Dry-Zone, the central part of Myanmar. That is why the State Counselor, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi urged UY to promote the water studies and called for giving priorities to water studies relevant to the current time of environment and climate change and natural disaster… It is expected that this conference will be able to make great contribution to expand a regional and international network with stakeholders from academia, business and authorities. I do believe that these water-related issues can be addressed by the fruitful and engaging discussion in the conference.”

Rector Dr Pho Kaung delivering the opening address at the AUA-UY Academic Conference

Dr Pho Kaung also wished for the next opportunity for holding the international conference of sharing knowledge and finding out the best way for how to resolve several social, economic, and other problems which are closely connected with environmental issues with the support of AUA. In the panel session-1 of the AUA-UY Academic Conference 2018, under the highlight of the “Water Resources Management and Sustainable Development”, 7 presenters from member universities shared their research findings and knowledge. After the presentations, interested discussions were raised up from the participants from the significant ideas and new perspectives. And Professor Dr Maung Kyaw, chairperson of the panel session-1, announced the key findings and recommendation. In the panel session-2, under the sub-topic of the “River Conservation and Management”, 4 presenters from member universities presented the significant outcome of their research. And active discussions made very interested atmosphere with the crucial ideas and new perspectives. Professor U Maung Maung Aye, chairperson of the panel session-2, made the important recommendation and announced the key findings of such topic. In the third and last panel session, under the sub-topic of the “Climate Change, Environmental Policy and Water Resource Development”, 5 presenters from member universities shared the interested outcome of their research. The enthusiastic questions and answers woke up the audience to be active participation. And Professor Dr Htun Khin, chairperson of the panel session-3, announced the recommendation and the key findings.

In the closing session, Dr Omar Kyaw, Pro-rector of the University of Yangon had delivered the closing remark and recommendation of the next conference. She said:

“I do hope that the academic conference today will be a stepping stone for us to have deeper collaboration with AUA Member Universities….. the University of Yangon is now opening up and trying to pursue academic freedom in line with the National Education Law. This law inevitably guarantees more international collaboration in academic development. I do hope that this kind of academic conference will provide our academic development.”

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Dr. Kokila Konasinghe from University
of Colombo answering the question
from the audience about the
environmental Impact Assessment in
Sri Lanka
Dr. Nan Li from Tsinghua University was presenting his research
paper on the topic of “Access The Change of Water Quality in The
Sponge City of LCTIP


A reporter of Skynet News was conducting interview with Pro-rector Dr Omar Kyaw
and she was explaiing about AUA-UY Academic Conference 2018

Rector, Special Guests and all Presenters in the AUA-UY Academic Conference