Dr. Thaung Htike

Pro Rector

+95(9) 2043446

Educational Background

• Doctor of Science, Kyoto University, Japan, 2008
• Master of Informatics, Okayama University of Science, Japan, 2005
• MSc, University of Mandalay, Myanmar, 2000
• BSc (Honours), University of Mandalay Myanmar, 1996

Work Experience

• Pro-Rector, University of Yangon, June 2018 to date
• Professor, Department of Geology, Meiktila University 2016-2018
• Associate Professor, Department of Geology, University of Mandalay 2015-2016
• Lecturer, Department of Geology, Shwebo University 2011-2015
• Assistant Lecturer, Department of Geology, Shwebo University 2006-2011
• Demonstrator, Department of Geology, Shwebo University 2000-2006
• Demonstrator, Department of Geology, University of Mandalay 1998-2000

Current Research
Paleontological analysis on Neogene mammal of Myanmar

More than 50 publications of local and international papers. The latest one is “Review of the investigation of primate fossils in Myanmar”, Geological Society Memoir, No. 48, Geology Society, London, 2018.


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