Third Year


Foundation Course

Eng 3001         English

Core Courses

Law 3101        Criminal Law

Law 3102        Public International Law I

Law 3103        Business Law I

Elective Courses   (For Law Specialization)

(One subject to be taken)

Law 3104        Conflict of Laws

Law 3105        Law of Banking

(One subject to be taken)

Psy 3001         Crime and Psychology I

Eng3003          Communicative Skills (Advanced)

Eng 3006         Translation

Eco 3001         Introduction to Economics of Development

IR 3002           Current Issues in International Relations

Elective Courses  (For other Specializations)

Law 3001             ILO Convention)

Law 3002                   International Law I (4 CU For IR)

Law 3003                   General Principles of International Law (For PS)

MS 3105                    Customary Law of Myanmar (4 Cu For MS)

Mgt 3101                    Business Law

CL 3001                      Commercial Law I

BM 3107                    Business Law I

PP                               Administration Law I

ES 3101                     Environmental Law

AS 3003                      Legal Framework on ASEAN I



Foundation Course

Eng 3002         English

Core Courses

Law 3106        Criminal Procedure Code

Law 3107        Human Rights Law

Law 3108        Business Law II

Elective Courses (For Law Specialization)

(One subject to be taken)

Law 3109        Law of Insurance

Law 3110        Law of Treaties

Elective Courses (One subject to be taken)

Psy 3002         Crime and Psychology II

Eco 3002         International Finance

Eng 3004         Developing Communicative Skills

IR 3004           Current Issues in International Relations II

Elective Courses (For other Specializations)

Law 3004/Law 3204                        Legal Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (For LI)

Law 3005/Law 3205 (1stYr Hon.)   International Law II  (4 CU for IR)

Law 3006/Law 3206 (1stYr Hon.)  International Human Rights Law (For P S)

Law 3007/Law 3207                           Business and Human Rights (3Cu for BDevS) (Eco)

BM 3108                                             Business Law II (For UDE)

PP 3002/PP 3202                                Public Administration Law II

AS 3006/ AS 3206                              Legal Framework on ASEAN II