BA/ BA Second Year (Honours)

BA/ BA (Honours) Second Year       (Semester-I)

Eng 2001 – English       (Foundation)

Phil 2101 – Inductive Logic-I     (Core)

Phil 2102 – Introduction to Western Philosophy-I    (Core)

Phil 2103 – Twentieth Century Western Philosophy-I    (Core)

*Elective-IStudent’s Choice (from Philosophy specialization)    (Elective)

*Elective-IIStudent’s Choice (from other specializations)  (Elective)


BA/ BA (Honours) Second Year          (Semester-II)

Eng 2002 – English            (Foundation)

Phil 2106 – Inductive Logic-II        (Core)

Phil 2107 –  Introduction to Western philosophy-II     (Core)

Phil 2108 – Twentieth Century Western Philosophy-II   (Core)

*Elective-I – Student’s Choice (from Philosophy specialization)    (Elective)

*Elective-II Student’s Choice (from other specializations)   (Elective)