Second Year


Foundation Course

Eng 2001         English

Core Courses

Law 2101        Myanmar Customary Law I

Law 2102        Law of Contract

Law 2103        Labour Law

Elective Courses   (For Law Specialization )

(One subject to be chosen)

Law 2104        Law Relating to Sale of Goods

Law 2105        Principles of Legal Profession

(One subject to be chosen )
Eng 2003         Developing Communicative Skills I
Phil 2004         Philosophy of Law I
IR 2002           Elements of Political Institutions I
Eco 2001         Macroeconomics
Elective Courses  ( For other Specializations )
Law 2001        Study of Law (CU – 3 For IR)
Law 2002        Law and Justice I (For Political Science)



Foundation Course

Eng 2002         English

Core Courses

Law 2106        Myanmar Customary Law II

Law 2107        Law of Tort

Law 2108        Land Law

Elective Courses  (For Law Specialization )

(One subject to be chosen)

Law 2109        Negotiable Instruments Act

Law 2110        Law of Banking

(One subject to be taken)

Eco 2002         International Trade

Eng 2004         Developing Communicative Skills II

Phil 2009         Philosophy of Law II

IR 2004           Elements of Political Institutions II

Elective Courses  (For other Specializations )

Law 2003        Business Law (Commerce + B Act)

Law 2004        Law and Justice II (For Political Science)

Law 2005        ASEAN Documents

Law 2006        Introduction to International Law (For IR)