Post-graduate Diploma


Total Credits = 16 per week

Total Hours =   20 per week


DAE 111A An Introduction to General Anthropology

The Definition of Anthropology and Its Aims

The Scope of Anthropology

Introduction to physical anthropology

Introduction to Cultural anthropology

Development of Anthropology

The application of Anthropology

The Relation of Anthropology

Basic Anthropological Terminology

The Study of Ethnic Group in Myanmar


DAE 112 A  Social Anthropology

The Meaning of Social Organization

Basic Social Groups

Types of Marriage


Forms of Family

Kinship and Descent

Kinship Terminology and Kin Groups


DAE 113 A Making of the Union of Myanmar and Ethnic Groups

  1. The nature of culture
  2. The Key Points of Socialization
  3. Valued Social Resources
  4. The important Role of Census
  5. Socio-cultural style of Pyu
  6. Pyu and other nationals
  7. The List of Ethnic Groups in Myanmar
  8. Kachin
  9. Kayah
  10. Kayin
  11. Chin
  12. Bamar
  13. Mon
  14. Rakhine
  15. Shan


DAE 114 A Folk Art

  1. Background History of Myanmar Folk Art
  2. Folk Art of Hill People and  Plain  People
  3. Comparative Folk Art


DAE 111 B  Field Work Method and Documentation 

Notes and Queries


Oral History

Choice of Informants

Direct Observation

Indirect Observation

Scientific Documentation


DAE 112 B Role of Folk-tale in Minority Culture

  1. The definition and aim of Folk art in Folklore
  2. Human Characteristics and Folk tales
  3. Human Behavior and Folk tales
  4. Human relationship and verbal folklore
  5. The world and folk tale
  6. Swapping tales and stealing story
  7. Folk tale analysis
  8. Myanmar folk tales

(a) Kachin

(b) Kayah

(c)  Kayin

(d) Chin

(e)  Bamar

(f)  Mon

(g) Rakhine

(h) Shan


DAE 113 B Anthropology of Health and Health Care

  1. Introduction to Medical Anthropology
  2. Culture, Health and Illness
  3. The Anthropological Approach in Health and Health Care
  4. Introduction to Applied Health Research
  5. Qualitative Studies in Health Research
  6. Appreciation of Ethnographic Software


DAE 114 B The Interpretation  of Culture

  1. Introduction
  2. The Emergence of the Concept of Culture in Anthropology
  3. Part 1

(1)   The Founder, Tylor’s “The Evolution of Culture’’

(2)   Boas’s “Culture in Context’’

(3)   Sapir’s “Culture , language and individual”

(4)   Mead’s “The Individual and culture”

(5)    MalinowsKi’s “The Functions of culture ”

  1. Part 11

(1)   Jenk’s “Culture and social Structure”

(2)  Turnen’s “Culture is Symbolic”

(3)   Geertz’s “Thick description of Culture”

(4)  Marcus’s “Writing Culture”

(5)  Irwan Abdullah’s “Culture: The Area of Culture and changing process

in making sense”

(6)  Kahn’s “Culture, Multiculture, postculture”

(7)  Fernandez’s “post modern Culture and Anthropology”

5.  The Redefinition of Culture and the Future of Anthropological Knowledge”