Fourth Year


Core Courses

Law 4101        Constitutional Law

Law 4102        Civil Procedure Code I

Law 4103        Revenue Law I

Law 4104        Law of International Institutions I

Elective Courses 

Law 4105        Environmental Law

Law 4106        International Economic Law

Law 4107        Child Law of Myanmar

Elective Courses  (For Other Specializations)

Law 4001/Law 4201(2nd Yr. Hons)    World Constitutions (For IR)

Law 4002/Law 4202 (2nd Yr. Hons)   Administrative Law (For IR)

AS 4003/Law 4203                             Constitutions of ASEAN Countries I

BS 4002                                              Business Law (EPP)




Core Courses

Law 4108        Administrative Law

Law 4109        Civil Procedure Code II

Law 4110        Revenue Law II

Law 4111        Law of International Institutions II

Elective Courses

Law 4112        Law of the Sea

Law 4113        Transport Law

Law 4114        Intellectual Property Law

Elective Courses (For Other Specializations)

Law 4003/Law 4203      (2nd Yr. Hons)          International Environmental Law (For IR)

Law 4004/Law 4204    (2nd Yr. Hons)            International Human Rights Law (For IR)

Law 4005                                                        Law of Contract (3 CU for BDevS) (Eco)

ES   4110 (4th Yr.)/4210(2nd Yr. Hons)           Enforcement of Environmental Law (4 Cu)

AS  4006/AS 4206                                          Constitutions of ASEAN Countries II

MS 4109/MS 4209                                          Practical Aspects of Myanmar Customary Law