Dr Ye Chan

Dr Ye Chan
Current Position
Professor of Physics and Head of Universities’ Research Centre
Field of Study
Electronics Science
BSc(Hons), University of Yangon, 1987
MSc , 1995, University of Yangon, 1995
PhD, University of Yangon, 2003
Post Doctorate Research, Seoul National University, 2010
Visiting Researcher, University of Aizu, 2015
yechann@gmail.com, yechann@uy.edu.mm

Research Interest
Integrated Navigation for unmanned vehicle, SLAM , Nonlinear Kalman Filtering for sensor fusion, UAV and UGV control. Nano chemical Imaging, Fabrication of microsensors

Major publications
• Real-time Attitude Heading Reference System Using Extended Kalman Filter for Programmable SoC” IEEE MCSoC-17, 2017
• Design of Metrix Enhanced Processor on the Reconfigurable hardware, RCCIE , p216, 2016
• Application of Unscented Kalman Filter with Non-symmetric Sigma Point Sampling on the Integrated Navigation System”, Gigaku Journal Vol 2 No2. p. S01007/1-6, 2014.
• Mission Control over Multi UAVs in the Real-time Distributed Hardware-In-the-Loop Environment”, Gigaku Journal Vol 2 No2. P. S01018/1-9, 2014
• Educational Program for Systems on Chip Design Using Minimal Set of Standalone Computer”, ITC-CSCC, p-627, Phuket, Thailand, 2014
• Robust Navigation System for a Land Vehicle” PCO Proceeding , AIP Guide Vol: 2008, p-237, ISBN: 978-983-44483-63, 2013
• Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance and Fuzzy Dynamic Steering Control for an Unmanned Ground Vehicle”, PCO Proceeding, AIP Guide Vol: 2008,p-244, ISBN: 978-983-44483-63, 2013
• Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Copper Nanofluid Using Transient Hot Wire Method,” PCO Proceeding, AIP Guide Vol: 2008,p-155, ISBN: 978-983-44483-63,2013
• Prototyping of a Microsensor for Organic Vapours and Solutions, JARC, 2017, Vol.6,No 1&2, p-205