Dr Win Thi Yein

Dr Win Thi Yein

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China
Research Expertise
Synthesis of Nanomaterials, Surface and Interface Engineering of Nanosheets, Photocatalysis and Piezocatalysis, Wastewater Treatment
E mail Address
thiyein2009@gmail.com, winthiyein@uy.edu.mm


    1. Win Thi Yein, Qun Wang, Yang Liu, Yang Li, Jiahuang Jian, Xiaohong Wu, (2020) Piezo-potentialinduced molecular oxygen activation of defect-rich MoS2 ultrathin nanosheets for organic dye degradation in dark, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering (J) 8: 103626.
    2. Win Thi Yein, Qun Wang, Jiahuang Jian, Yang Li, Xiaohong Wu, (2019) Preparation of novel ultrathin Co doped MoS2 nanosheets piezocatalyst for fast simultaneous decomposition of Cr(VI) and MB in dark, Chemical Research in Chinese Universities (J) 35: 892–900.
    3. Win Thi Yein, Qun Wang, Yang Li, Xiaohong Wu, (2019) Piezoelectric potential induced the improved micro-pollutant dye degradation of Co doped MoS2 ultrathin nanosheets in dark, Catalysis Communications (J) 125: 61–65.
    4. Win Thi Yein, Qun Wang, Jinzhu Wu, Xiaohong Wu, (2018) Converting CoS–TEA hybrid compound to CoS defective ultrathin nanosheets and their enhanced photocatalytic property, Journal of Molecular Liquids (J) 268: 273–283.
    5. Win Thi Yein, Qun Wang, Xueying Feng, Yang Li, Xiaohong Wu, (2018) Enhancement of photocatalytic performance in sonochemical synthesized ZnO-rGO nanocomposites owing to effective interfacial interaction, Environmental Chemistry Letter (J) 16: 251–264.
    6. Win Thi Yein, Thwe Linn Ko, (2015) An Investigation into the Effectiveness of Processed Activated Carbon on the Preparation of Standardized Fish Sauce, Journal of the Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science, VXIII (1), pp. 347-359.


    1. First Prize for Oral Presentation and Poster, “The 2nd HIT International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Harbin, China, July 2018”
    2. HIT STAR Award 2019 “Selection of International Students in HIT”