Dr Tin Myo Myo Swe

Dr Tin Myo Myo Swe
Current Position
Professor, Department of Law
E-Mail address
Field of Research Interest
Public International Law, International Humanitarian Law, International
Economic Law, International Environmental Law, Law of International Trade

Publication ( Domestic / Foreign )
1. International Conventions (Treaties) are Important Sources of International Law, UJ (Dec7, 2012, Vol.4, No.1 p-103-113)
2. Jurisdiction of International Criminal Court relating to International Crimes in Domestic Law and Practice, UJ (Dec, 2017, Vol.9, No.1, p-110-119)
3. Martens Clause in Customary International Humanitarian Law, UJ (Dec, 2018, Vol.10, No.1 p-85-94)
4. Cultural Heritage Protection in Myanmar, MAAS (Oct, 2019, p-189-202)
5. Legal Protection of Cultural Heritage in Sri Ksetra, Sri Ksetra Conference 2019 (Nov & Dec 2019, p-105-110)
6. Legal Rights of Diplomatic Agents in Diplomatic Relations, UJ (Dec, 2019, Vol.11, No.2 p-196-205)
7. Legal Status of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Promoting International Humanitarian Law, UJ (Dec, 2020, Vol.12, No.2, p-234-242)