Dr Thida Oo

Dr Thida Oo
Associate Professor, Department of Geology

+95 9428213762, thidaoo.ms@gmail.com
Educational Records
2010 PhD (Geology), University of Yangon
2003 MSc (Geology), Pyay University
1995 BSc. Q (Geology), University of Yangon
Field Of Interest
Sedimentology, Marine Geology, Environmental Geology
Research Activities
Sedimentology of the Myet-Ye Formation in Eastern Pindaya Range
Petrology of Padaung Formation
Shoaling upward shelf Cycle and shelf dolomitization in Wunbye Formation
Clastic Sedimentology of Cambrian Pandaung and Myet-Ye Formation
Petrographic study of Oolits limestones in Wunbye Formation
International Experience
China – Training
Thailand – Conference
USA – Research