Dr. ThaZin Hlaing

Dr. ThaZin Hlaing
Present Appointment
Associate Professor
Department of Zoology, University of Yangon
B.Sc (Zoology) University of Yangon
B.Sc (Honours) University of Yangon
M.Sc (Zoology), University of Yangon
PhD (Zoology), University of Yangon
Carrier history
Demonstrator (1986 – 1994)
Assistant lecturer (1994 – 1999)
Lecturer (1999-2009)
Associate Professor (2009-Present)
Research interest
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Phone Number
1. Nyo Nyo Tun, Tha Zin Hlaing, Nan Pan, Aye Aye Thin 2009. လင်းနို့နှင့်လူသားတို့ဆက်နွယ်မှု. Myitkyina University Research Journal,Vol. I. No. 1, Pg. 129 -134
2. Ni Ni Win, Tha Zin Hlaing, Cho Cho Oo, 2019. Incidence of Aedes larvae in water storage containers from two villages, Hpa-an township, Kayin State. Hpa-an University Research Journal, 10- 1, 226-231
3. Ni Ni Win, Tha Zin Hlaing, Cho Cho Oo, Nyunt Nyunt Oo, 2020. Larvicidal activity of Neem seed oil and Copper-sulphate solution against Aedes aegypti larvae in laboratory condition. Hpa-an University Research Journal, 11-1, 135-141
4. Min Zaw Latt, Maung Maung Mya, Tha Zin Hlaing, Yi Yi Win and Aye Mon Sann, 2020. Biological control of Aedes larvae using Colisa labiosus (Day, 1876) in selected area of Hinthada Township, Ayeyarwady Region. Journal of ICT in Multidisciplinary issues on Arts and Science, Enginnering, Economics and Education, 1-1, 212-218