Dr Saw Lin Oo

Dr Saw Lin Oo
PhD. (CityU, Hong Kong)
Department of Physics & Universities’ Research Centre
University of Yangon, Myanmar

Education & Research Background
-PhD (Biophysics & biomedical physics), City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2021
-PhD (Materials Science and Engineering), University of Yangon, Myanmar,2012
-MRes Physics (Materials Science and Engineering), University of Yangon,2007
-MSc Engineering Physics (Materials Science and Engineering), University of Yangon, Myanmar, 2006
-BSc Physics (Hons), University of Pyay, Myanmar,2004
Research Background
Studied cellular behaviors and single cell analysis, radiation induced cell death, cell’s morphologies and ions concentration changes. Construction of biosensors, electrochemical sensing devices and detection of biomolecules such as antigens, proteins and conjugation of RNA aptamers. Fabrication of thin films solar cells such as organic and inorganic solar cells and thermoelectric generators.


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