Dr. San Shwe

Dr. San Shwe
Academic Qualifications
(1) B.A (Hon:), University of Yangon, 1986
(2) MA (History), University of Yangon, 1992
(3) Diploma in Archaeology, University of Yangon, 1997
(4) MA (Archaeology), University of Yangon, 2000
(5) MRes( Archaeology), University of Yangon, 2002
(6) PhD (Archaeology), University of Yangon, 2008
Research Experience
My research activities are closely connected to my teaching and supervision. My research areas are Protohistoric and Historical Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management.

International Publications

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the historical documents in Myanmar, Ministry of Culture, Yangon, Pyay U
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(ix) “Tourism Development and Cultural Heritage Management”.Journal of the Asia Research Centre, Volume 5, No. 1&2, 2015, pp.71-78.( View & Download PDF )

Publications in Myanmar

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