Dr Pan Myat Nge

Dr Pan Myat Nge
Current Position
Assistant Lecturer
+95 9 5081065
B.Sc(Hons), University of Yangon, 2003
M.Sc, University of Yangon 2005
Ph.D, University of Yangon 2016

Professional Experience
2015-2016: Importance of Plants
2015-2016: Ecology; Biodiversity and Conservation; Horticulture
2015-2016: Plant Physiology I and II
2016-2017: Pharmacognosy
2017-2018: Medicinal Plants

Publications (International/Local)
Antitumor Activity of Aqueous and 70% Ethanolic Extracts by Potato Crown Gall (PCG)Test or Potato Disc Assay (PDA) Method from Carica papaya L. leaves (University of Yangon Research Journal, UYRJ, Vol. 7, No. 1, 2016)
Antimicrobial Activity and Toxic Effects of Carica papaya L. leaves (The Third Myanmar-Japan International Symposium, Vol.1, No.7, 2017)
Study on Acute Toxicity and Hypoglycaemic Activity of Carica papaya L. leaves (Journal of the Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science, 2016) (in press|)|

Other qualifications
Basic Computer Course (KMD, 2004)
Internet (ICT)(MCF, 2005)
21st Century Higher Education, Development Programme Workshop on Efffective Ways of Teaching in Botany (Meikhtila University, 2016)
Third Myanmar-Japan International Symposium (Pathein University, 2016)