Dr Ni Ni Than

Dr Ni Ni Than
Professor and Head, Department of Chemistry

PhD in Chemistry, University of Yangon
Research Fellow of Daimler Benz Foundation, Germany (2002-2005)
Research Fellow of DAAD, Germany (2013-14)
Chairperson of Science Subject-wise Committee, JICA & ADB Projects (2015-2019)
Chairperson of Chemistry Subject-wise Committee, ADB Project (2019-up to date)
Member Myanmar National Authority of Chemical Weapon Convention (2015-up to date)
Member of Executive Committee of Myanmar Academy of Arts and Sciences (2014-up to date)
Governing Board Member of SEAMEO QITEP in Science (2018-up to date)

PhD Title
Investigation of Bioactive Phytoconstituents an
the Biological Activities of some Myanmar Traditional Medicinal Plants (2005)
Fields of Interest
Natural Product Organic Chemistry
Renewable Energy
Environmental Chemistry
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