Dr. Khin San Yu

Dr. Khin San Yu
Research Expertise
Settlement Pattern Changes in the Eastern Part of the Bago Region
Human Geography
Academic Qualifications
Delineation of Groundwater Potential Zones in Pyawbwe Township
A Geographical Assessment on Urban Landuse Changes in Sittway Town
Drought Risk Assessment using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques: A Case Study in the Dry Zone
Quality Assessment of Groundwater and Surface water in urban area of the Dala Township, Yangon Region
Spatial Analysis of Water Sources and Availability in Kawhmu Township, Yangon Region
Detection of Shoreline Changes Along Yangon River Using Geospatial application
Landuse / Landcover Changes in Phyu Township
Study on Wetland Characteristics of the Bilin Riparian Area
Spatial and Temporal Changes of Irrigated Agriculture in Pyawbwe Township
Assessment of Tourism Development in Kalaw Area