Dr. Khin Khin Soe

Dr. Khin Khin Soe
Academic Qualifications
2008: Ph.D from University of Yangon
1995: M.A. from University of Yangon
1986-1987: B.A. (Q) from University of Yangon with credit
Dip in English, University of Yangon, Myanmar, 2010
Dip in GIS, University of Yangon, Myanmar, 2012
Human Geography
Urban Geography
Agriculture Geography
Environmental Geography
Professional History
– Present Professor, Department of Geography, University of Yangon, Myanmar
– 1990-1997: Primary Teacher, Natsingone Basic Primary School, Thanlyin Township, Yangon Region
– 1997-2005: Tutor, East Yangon University, Thanlyin Township, Yangon Region
– 2005-2010: Assistant Lecturer, Hpa-an University, Kayin State, Myanmar
– 2010-2015: Lecturer, University of Yangon, Myanmar
– 2015- 2019: Associate Professor, Taungoo University and University of Yangon
-2019-2021: Professor, Sittway University, Rakhine State
2021- Up now: Professor, University of Yangon, Myanmar
Other Responsibilities
-Vice-Chair: Subject Wide Curriculum Committee (SWCC), Department of Geography, UY (Currently)
-External Reviewer of Journal of Yangon University of Foreign Language (YUFL) (Currently)
-Leader of IQA (internal Quality Assurance) office, University of Yangon (Currently)
-Core member and Co-leader of IQA (Internal Quality Assurance) in Higher Education (2015- up now) (Taungoo University)
-Member of the Steering Committee of the PhD program at University of Yangon (2018-up now) (Currently)
-Contact person at the Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Urban and Regional Development, University of Yangon (2012-up now) (Currently)
-Committee Member of ERC (Ethic Research Committee), Sittway University, 2019-2021
-Editor for online proceedings at International conference conducted by University of Yangon and Cologne University, Germany (2017-2019)
-Secretary at International conference conducted by University of Yangon and Cologne University, Germany (2017-2019)
– Co-leader of International Relationship Office (IRO/ ICO), 2017 UY
Other Activities
– Invited Lectures for Cascading Training on Quality Assurance in Higher Education,Computer University, Bago Region, 15-16-3-2016
– Cascading Training on Quality Assurance in Higher Education, Taungoo University, 28.1. 2016
– Cascading Training on Quality Assurance in Higher Education, University of Yangon, Yangon Region, 8.8.2017
– Cascading Training on Quality Assurance in Higher Education, University of Yangon, Yangon Region, 12.9.2017
International Collaborations
– Forum on Quality Assurance and Quality Framework, Jakarta, Indonesia (2022)
– Keynote Speaker and invited lecturer, Faculty of Philosophy and Geography, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia (2022)
– Paper reading and discussant at Southeast Asian-German Urban Exerts “ForUm for Urban Future in Southeast Asia, Bangkok, Thailand (2022)
– Invited Lecturer and Panel: Summer Course (Smart City, Village and Region), UGM, Yogakatar, Indonesia, 6th-23 July, 2021 (Virtually)
– Research Collaboration and Cooperation meeting at Nanjing University, China (2019)
– Speaker and Chairperson at Gadjah Mada University, Department of Philosophy and Department of Geography Indonesia (2019)
– ForUm on Capacity building and Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Austria and Hungary Budapest, Central European University, 2019
– Co-chairperson/ Presenter at Fifth Global conference on Economic Geography, Cologne University, Germany (2018) (Two months)
– Speaker at Regional DAAD Alumni Seminar on “Environment and Health” May 2017 in Hanoi/Vietnam
– Paper reading, German DAAD alumni meeting and South East Asia ForUm, in KhonKaen University, Thailand, 2017
– Paper Reading, Research Collaboration and Cooperation meeting at Cologne University, Germany (2014), (Two months)
Current Research Project
– Multiple Risks Management in extreme events in fast growing (mega) cities in Myanmar, which is jointly conducted by Prof. Dr. Frauke Kraas, the Institute of Geography, University of Cologne/Germany, Yangon City Development Committee and University of Yangon/Myanmar
– Community-based tourism and Economic Development Potentials of Sagaing and its vicinity sponsored by Asia Research Centre, Korea
– Urban Heritage in Mawlamyine City, Mon State, Myanmar which is jointly conducted by Prof. Dr. Frauke Kraas, the Institute of Geography, University of Cologne/Germany
COVID-19 Outbreak in Sittway Town: People’s perceptions and experiences of quarantine
Paper Reading
-More than 50 at both internal and international conference, forum and workshop
-Khin Khin Soe, Win Pa Pa Myo, Win Thandar Oo (2022) Changes in urban structure in Thanlyin after the construction of Yangon-Thanlyin
– Bridges (UYRJ) University of Yangon Research Journal Vol.11, No.1 pp 411-426
– Win Pa Pa Myo, Khin Khin Soe, Win Thandar Oo (2022) Major Tourist Attraction Sites and Tourist Activities in Hpa-an Township (UYRJ) University of Yangon Research Journal Vol.11, No.1 pp 427-436
– Khin Khin Soe, Josef Nipper, Mu Mu Khaing, Sandar Hlaing Win (2021) Comsumer Preferences and Behaviour in Shopping Malls in Yangon City : A Case on Heldan Centre and GamonPwint,In print Sittway University Reaearch Journal
– Khin Khin Soe, (2020) Consumer Behaviour and Environmental Factors in Shopping Malls: Case Studies on Myanmar Plaza (Bahan), Capital (Dawbon) and Ga Mone Pwint (Mayangon),ISSN 2520-0186 LCCN 2003-323143 ,Vol.XVIII, No. 5B, July, 2020, Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science
– Khin Khin Soe (2020) Environmental Issues and Socio-Economic Development from Marble Extraction in Mandalay Region: A Case study of Sagyin Village, Mandaya Township, Myanmar, Proceeding for 12th International Conference Socio economic and Environmental Issues in Development pp 867-877
– Khin Khin Soe (2020) Climate change effects on agriculture in Ayeyarwady region, Myanmar: challenges and perceptions of farmers, IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science Vol-451, 012030, The 3rd Environmental Resources Management in Global Region, Indonesia
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– Khin Khin Soe and et al (2017):Landuse in Taungoo University Campus( 2005-2006 and 2015-2016) By Using GIS,TURJ, Taungoo University Research Journal, Vol VIII, No1
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