Dr Kathy Myint

Dr Kathy Myint
Lecturer, Department of Botany

Academic Qualification
BSc (Q) Botany (University of Yangon, 1995),
Msc (Tissue culture, Mawlamyaing University, 2001), MRes (Tissue culture, Mawlamyaing University, 2002), PhD (Microbiology, University of Yangon, 2010)
Career history
Demonstrator (2002- 2010)
Assistant lecturer (2010- 2014)
Lecturer (2014- until now)
Field of Interest
International and local publication
(1) Isolation of Fungi, Antimicrobial Activities and Fermentation Studies for the Production of Antibacterial Metabolite Especially Against Xanthomonas oryzae Journal of the Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science, Volume.IX, No. 5, March 2011. Pg, 227-239.
(2) Antimicrobial Metabolite Producing Fungi Isolated from Soil at Dala Township. 1st Myanmar – Korea Conference Research Journal, 2018, June, Pg,29. (Kay Tha Ye Soe Win, Dr Kathy Myint)
(3) Disease Symptoms on Rice Plants and Identification of the Pathogens Causing Diseases Journal of the Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science, Volume.XVIII, No. 4 A, March 2020. Pg, 125-132. (Nway Nandar Aung, Dr Kathy Myint, Dr Bay Dar)

(Total 7)
MSc 3
MRes 3
PhD (Co) 1

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