Dr Aye Mi San

Dr Aye Mi San
Present Appointment
Professor and Head
Department of Zoology, University of Yangon
PhD (Primatology), 2007
Career history
Demonstrator (7-1-1987 to 4-8-1994)
Assistant Lecturer (5-8-1994 to 13-9-1999)
Lecturer (13-9-1999 to 10-9-2009
Associate Professor (11-9-2009 to 30-11-2016)
Professor (1-12-2016 to date)
“Role of wildlife in Nature-based Tourism around Ye environs” Best awarded by Mon State Government, Myanmar (2015)
E mail Address

ayemisan2019@uy.edu.mm, ayemysan@gmail.com

Phone Number
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