Daw Htet Htet Lyin

Dr Htet Htet Lyin
Lecturer, Department of Botany

Academic Qualification
B.Sc (Hons), Dangon University (2000)
M.Sc Dangon University (2002)
Career history
Demonstrator (2002-2010);
Assistant Lecturer (2010-2014);
Lecturer (2014 – until now)
Field of Interest

(1). Study on Morphological and Medicinal Uses of Some Species Grown in Nyaung –Khone Village. (Pyay University Research Journal.2012,Vol.4, No.1)
(2). Study on Fabaceae and Acanthaceae Families of Angiosperms from Pyay Township in West Bago Region. (Universities Research Journal,2017,Vol.10.No.4)
(3). Taxonomic Studies of Some Members of Malvaceae Family occurring in Pyay Township, West Bago Region (Universities Research Journal, 2018, Vol.11, No.10)
(4). Taxonomic Description of the Lamiaceae and Verbenaceae Families of the Flora of Paukkhaung Township (University of Yangon Research Journal, December-2018, Vol.8, No.1)
(5). Study on Some Useful Angiosperm Plants Growing in Mong Kung Township and its Surrounding Area (University of Yangon Research Journal, 2018-2019, Vol.9, No.2)
(6). Study on Some Useful Angiosperm Plants Growing in Aung Myin Bar Hu Protected Forest Area, Pyay Township (Dagon University Commemoration of 25 th Anniversary Silver Jubilee Research Journal, 2019, Vol.9, No.2)
(7). Useful Flowering plants in Myanmar (Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology, 2019, Vol.1)
(8). Study on Some Useful Angiosperm Plants Growing in Nan Oo Pyin Pagoda and its Surrounding Area, Mong Kung Township (3rd Myanmar Korea Conference Research Journal, 2020, Vol. 3, No.4)
(Total 1)
MSc 1

Mobile Phone No.
+95 9 31359918