BA Fourth Year

BA Fourth Year       (Semester-I)

Core Courses 

Phil 4101   – Philosophy of Religion-I                

Phil 4102   – Problems of Philosophy-I   

Phil 4104   – Research Methodology in Philosophy-I         

Phil 4105 – Twentieth Century Eastern Philosophy-I   

Phil 4106   – Political Philosophy (West)                           

Elective Courses (for Philosophy Specialization)
Phil 4103 – Philosophy of Science-I
Phil 4113 – Philosophy of Language-I

BA Fourth Year (Semester-II)

Core Courses

Phil 4101  – Philosophy of Religion-II                               

Phil 4102  – Problems of Philosophy-II                                

Phil 4114  – Research Methodology in Philosophy-II           

Phil 4115  – Twentieth Century Eastern Philosophy-II                           

Phil 4116 – Political Philosophy (East)

Note: The Final Year Student have to submit their Term Paper two weeks ahead of their final examination as a part of necessary procedures for completion their degree. The TP should be created with their research finding of field study or literature survey.