Managing challenges during Myanmar’s transition

Friday 5 July and Saturday 6 July 2019

Managing Challenges During Myanmar’s Transition’ explores the impact of the period of transition on Myanmar society. The conference focuses on current research that engages with the effects of policy change across social, political and economic spheres.
With speakers from Myanmar, Australia and China the papers presented will address a diverse range of topics from various perspectives. The panels bring together experts in their fields and emerging researchers, indicative of the active research environment of Myanmar studies.
Presented by University of Yangon, The Australian National University Myanmar Research Centre and Yunnan University Institute of Myanmar Studies. The event is supported by the International Development Research Centre, Canada, and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
A full conference program will be posted at

Presented by

University of Yangon

Yunnan University Institute of Myanmar Studies

ANU Myanmar Research Centre

Keynote speaker

Dr Sean Turnell Special Economic Consultant to Myanmar’s State Counsellor, Director of Research, Myanmar Development Institute


Arts Hall University of Yangon Pyay Rd, Yangon 11041, Myanmar

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Conference Conveners

Professor Chaw Chaw Sein (University of Yangon)
Dr Charlotte Galloway (Australian National University)
Associate Professor Zhu Xianghui (Yunnan University)

“This event is free and open to the public”

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