Dr Wut Yee Aye

Dr Wut Yee Aye
Current Position
Lecturer (Zoology), Universities’ Research Center, University of Yangon
Field of Study
Natural Science(Zoology)
BSc, University of Yangon, 1980
BSc, University of Yangon, 1981
MSc, University of Yangon, 1988
PhD, University of Yangon, 2008

E-Mail address & phone Number
wutyeaye111@gmail.com , 95-9-448009907(mobile), 95-1-535486 (office)

Research Interest
Studies Some Veterbrates Skin using Histological Method,
Comparison of Heavy Metals content in Native species and Exotic species of Chicken Meat in Yangon Environs

Major publications
(1) Preparation of biological Permanent Slides andAssessment for Quality improvement,2012
(2) Preparation of fungal and bacterial spores formation slides, 2015
(3) Preparation of nanobetulinic acid and investigation of some bioactivities of nanobetulinic acid and betulinic acid per se, 2017