Dr Wai Wai Lwin

Dr Wai Wai Lwin
Lecturer, Department of Botany

Academic Qualification
MSc, PhD (Horticulture)
Career history
Demonstrator (2005-2013),
Assistant Lecturer (2013-2016),
Lecturer (2016 – until now)
Field of Interest
International and local publication
(1). In vitro Culture of Pueraria mirifica (Airy Shaw and Suvatab) (Thanda Aye, Su Latt Win, Than Nwe and Wai Wai Lwin, Journal of the Asia Research Centre, Yangon University, 2013, Vol. III, No. 2, 120-126),
(2). Tuber Production and Plant Growth of Food Legume, Psophocarpus teragonolobus (L.) DC. (Winged Bean) by Vegetative and Reproductive Pruning (Wai Wai Lwin, Journal of Myanmar Academy Arts and Science, 2014, Vol.V No.1, 118-131),
(3). Effects of Nitrogen, Phosporous and Potassium on Yield of Psophocarpus teragonolobus (L.) DC. (Wai Wai Lwin, Kyaing Tong University Research Journal, 2014, Vol.VII No.5, 53-67)
(4). Photoperiodic Effects on Growth and Yield of Psophocarpus teragonolobus (L.) DC. (Winged Bean) (Wai Wai Lwin, University of Yangon Research Journal, 2015, Vol.VI, 37-44)
(5). Analyzed Growth of Psophocarpus teragonolobus (L.) DC. Treated by Fertilizer, Pruning and Photoperiod (Wai Wai Lwin and Thanda Aye, University of Yangon Research Journal, 2016, Vol.VII, 15-26),
(6). Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria of Rhizobium, Pseudomonas and Azotobacter and their Effects on Yield of Lactuca sativa L. (Wai Wai Lwin, Yoon Eain Pyae, University of Yangon Research Journal, 2018-2019, Vol. 9, No. 2, 163-170)

(Total 1)
MSc 1