Dr Wah Wah Min

Dr Wah Wah Min

Present Appointment
Department of Zoology, University of Yangon
B.Sc(Hons,Zoology) ,
M.Sc (Entomology),
Ph.D (Entomology)Environmental Studies

Carrier history
Demonstrator (2002 – 2010) , AssistantLecturer(2010-2014) ,
Lecturer (2014 – Recent)

(1)Training grants from UNU-INWEH,Canada: InternationalTraining Course on Mangrove Biodiversity and Ecosystems/ 23.11.2015- 7.12.2015
(2)Research grants fromDST-GovernmentofIndia:IndiaScience and ResearchFellowship Program/2016 forsix months (10/8/2016- 31/1/2017
(3) Visiting scholars grantsfromSchool of EngineeringandResources,WalailakUniversity,Thailand (6.6.2017-20.6.2017)
(4) Oral Presenter grants from ASEAN Mangrove CongressOrganization on 2nd ASEANMangrove Congress, Manila,Philippines. 4/ – 8/Sep/2017

Course taught
Research Methodology&Biostatistics, Zoogeography

Research interest
Entomology and Environmental Studies

E mail Address


Phone Number
+95-9440727672, +95-9403710924

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