Dr Tun Naing Zaw

Dr Tun Naing Zaw
Lecturer, Department of Geology

+95 995098206, tunnaingzaw@gmail.com
Educational Records
2012 Diploma in GIS and Remote Sensing, University of Yangon
2010 PhD (Geology), University of Yangon
2006 MRes (Geology), Dagon University
2005 MSc (Geology), Dagon University
1985 BSc. Hons:(Geology), University of Yangon
Field Of Interest
Stratigraphy, Structure and Tectonics, Environmental Geology
Research Activities
The Evidence of Faulted Contact between Early Permian and Silurian Units
Study of Tectonic Landforms and Structures along Sagaing Fault Zone
Preliminary Studies of Environmental Degradation
Regional Assessment and Potential Analysis of Landslides
Coastal Hazards and Coastal Management along Ngwesaung Beach
Landslides Effect and Mitigation with 3D Modelling
Concentration of Lead in Water
Landslides Potential in Yangon
Hydrogeological Characteristics of Tube Wells in Yangon
Geothermal Potential Sources of Eastern Myanmar
Structures and Tectonics of Metamorphic Rocks
Evaluation of Earthquake Risk and Geological Structures of Dam Sites
Petrology and EPMA U-Th-Pb Monazite Dating of Metamorphic Rocks
Lineament Analysis on Aerial Photographs and Satellites Images
International Experience
China – Workshop
Sri Lanka – Workshop
England – Research
Japan – Training