Dr Toe Toe Soe

Dr Toe Toe Soe
Present Appointment
Department of Zoology, University of Yangon
B.Sc (Zoology), M.Sc (Entomology),
Ph.D (Ichthyology)
Carrier history
Demonstrator (2002 – 2010) ,
Demonstrator (2002 – 2010)
Assistant Lecturer (2010 – 2014)
Lecturer (2014 to date)
Course taught
The Origin of Living Things and Cell Biology
Research interest
E mail Address
Phone Number
1. Win Win Than, Toe Toe Soe, 2017. Case study on the fish species abundance in the Sittaung River segment between Phyu and Yedashe Townships, Bago Region and Anthropogenic Impact on it.Taungoo University Research Journal, 8-1:194-213.
2. Win Win Than, Toe Toe Soe, 2017. Survey on the life cycle of Bombyxmori analysis, PyinOoLwin Township, Mandalay Region Taungoo University Research Journal, 8-1: 83-88.
3. Win Win Than, Toe Toe Soe, 2016. Survey on growth rate and healthy weight of Geocheloneplatynota (Blyth 1863) Burmese Star Tortoise, KyeLeik, Minsontaung wildlife sanctuary, Natogyi Township, Mandalay Region. 3rd-4th December 2016, Third Myanmar- Japan International Symposium, Pathein University, Myanmar.
4. Win Win Than, Toe Toe Soe and Khin Thuzar Win, 2016. Preliminary surveys on Eld’s Deer, Rucervuseldii, in Chathin Wildlife Sanctuary, Kanbalu Township, Sagaing Region. Taungoo University Research Journal, 7-1: 145-151.
5. Win Win Than, Thida Win and Toe Toe Soe, 2015. Occurrence of helminth parasites in some bony fishes of order Siluriformes from MhawWun Creek, Yangon Region, 6-1: 109-119.
6. Kay Thi and Toe Toe Soe, 2010. Study on economically important fishes in Myauk-U Township, Rakhine State. Sittway University Research Journal, 2-1.