Dr Thin Thin Aye

Dr Thin Thin Aye
Professor, Department of History

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She is Professor of History at the Yangon University in Myanmar. She studied at the Yangon University where she also received her doctorate in history. She also received Diploma on the International Relations and Development in the Joint Program with John Hopkins University and Chung Ang University. She has published numerous articles in major scientific journals.
She joined as a tutor of the Department of History, University of Distance Education since 1995. In 2006, she was transferred to the University of Monywa. And then she promoted to Associated Professor in University of Foreign Languages in 2015 . Now she serves as a Professor of the Department of History, University of Yangon since December 2016 up to the now.
Her field of teachings are Modern Myanmar History and History of Political Thought for both undergraduate and postgraduate classes.

Publication lists

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