Dr Thet Htar Aung

Dr Thet Htar Aung
Lecturer, Department of Geology

Education & Research Background

Ph.D (Petroleum Geology) 2022 Yangon University
Thesis Title: Assessment on Oil and Gas Potential of Ayeyarwady Delta Basin.
M.Res (Petroleum Geology) 2013 Yangon University
Thesis Title: Deep Water Hydrocarbon Potential of Northern Rakhine Offshore Area.
MSc (Petroleum Geology) 2012 Yangon University
Thesis Title: Reservoir Evaluation of 4050ft Sand,
Sabe Oil and Gas Field Pakokku District, Central Myanmar.
B.Sc Hons: (Geology) 2010 East Yangon University

An Integrated Stratigraphic and Biostratigraphic
Analysis of Southern Part of Ayeyarwady Delta Basin.
Maubin University Research Journal Volume.11, No.1
June, 2020. Page 365-373.
Development of Maubin (S) Oil and Gas Field in Ayeyarwady Delta Basin.
Maubin University Research Journal Volume.12, No.1
September, 2021. Page 151- 164.
Interested Field
  • Sedimentology and Petroleum Geology