Dr Thanda Aye

Dr Thanda Aye
Professor, Department of Botany

Academic qualification
B.Sc(Hons:) M.Sc(Plant Tissue Culture), PhD(Horticulture)
Career history
Demonstrator (1993-2000) , Assistant Lecturer (2000-2006 ),
Lecturer (2006-2011), Associate Professor (2011-2016), Professor (2016-until now)
Main Research Area
Plant tissue culture, Plant nutrition and stress tolerance, Pre and Post-harvest physiology of horticultural crops, Vegetable and small plant-grafting, and Ethanobotany
Graduate Outcomes
Supervisor of 45 PhD, Co-Supervisor of 7 PhD, External Examiner of 11 PhD, Member of PhD Exam Board 16, Supervisor of 8 MRes, External Examiner of 16 MSc
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thandaaye@uy.edu.mm, flamesnflower@gmail.com
Mobile Phone
09794 323 949