Dr. Nyein Thida

Dr Nyein Thida (Ms)

Department of Physics, University of Yangon,
Ministry of Education

Contact Detail:


Dr Nyein Thida is an Associate Professor at the Department of Physics, University of Yangon. She received her PhD in Theoretical Physics from University of Yangon, Myanmar. She also got her BSc (Hons) and MSc from University of Yangon. She participates as the member of Physics Curriculum & Syllabus Committee (Basic Education) and also a member of the Institute of Physics (IOP, UK).

Work Experience
She started her service life since 1995 and has been in her current position in August 2015. Her research focuses on Theoretical Physics. She has published International Journal, National Journal and Proceedings papers.

Educational background:
1994, BSc (Hons) Physics, University of Yangon
1996, MSc, University of Yangon
2000, DCSc, University of Computer Studies, Yangon
2004, PhD, University of Yangon

2009, MInstP, IOP (London)

Area of Interest:
(1) Mathematical and Computational Physics
(2) General Relativity
(3) Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology

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