Dr Nang Sanda Myint

Dr Nang Sanda Myint
Current Position
Associate Professor
Field of Study
Natural Science
BSc(Zoology), University of Yangon, 1983
BSc(Hons), (Zoology), University of Yangon, 1984
MSc(Zoology), University of Yangon, 1991
PhD(Zoology), University of Yangon, 2014
AMSH-2(Training),Tokyo, Japan, 2003
E-Mail address & phone Number
aprilnangsanda@gmail.com , 95-9-259266361 (mobile), 95-1-535486 (office)

Research Interest
Entomology, Histology
Major publications
1.Phone Myint Aung, Nang SandaMyint, NilarLwin, Khin Gyee Maung,Hla Win Zaw The Journal of Myanmar Zoological Society (2001) Systematic study on some birds of Moyingyi Wildlife Sanctuary.
2. Ohnmar win , Nang SandarMyint , Soe Myint, San San Aye, Mg win and Tun Khin. JARC,YU (2004) Investigation of Various Plants Naturally Grown inYaw Region for the purpose of Preparation of Myanmar Indigenous Medicine.
3. Nilar Lwin, Nang SandaMyint, San San Aye, WutYee Aye. JARC,YU (2009) A Study on Some Myanmar Ornamental Fish Species in Inle Lake.,
4.Nang Sanda Myint and MyintOo Myanmar Academy of Technology (2014) Surveillance on the Breeding Sites and the Community Participation for the Reduction in Aedes aegypti (L. 1762) in Mayangone and Insein Township.
5.Nang Sanda Myint, Myint Oo, Myint Zu Minn UYRJ (2015). A Study on Knowledge, Attitude and Practices(KAP) for the Reduction in Aedes aegypti (L.1762) Breeding Intensity for Prevention of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) in Mayangone Township.
6.Bayda ,WutYee Aye ,Nang Sanda Myint UYRJ (2015). Preparation of fungal and bacterial spores formation slides .
7.Nang Sanda Myint, Myint Oo, Myint Zu Minn URJAugust, (2016). Elimination of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever by Community Program Using Larviborous Fish (Poecilia reticulata) Against Aedes aegypti (L.1762) Larvae in Myangone Township, Yangon Region
8.Cho Cho, Cho Cho Thet, Nang Sanda Myint and Wut Yi Aye, The Seventh ICSE (2016) Preparation and Characterization of Transparent Rice Straw Cellulose Hydrogel Films by Phase Inversion Method
9. Nan Thidar Chit Swe, Thida Min, Cho Cho, Khin Thein Soe, Wut Yee Aye, Nan Sandar Myint, Myo Aung, San Htoo, Aye Aye Myint, Myint Myint Khine. JARC,UY (2016) Preparation of Nanobetulinic Acid and Investigation of Some Bioactivities of Nanobetulinic Acid and Betulinic Acid PerSe
10.Nang Sanda Myint1,Myint Oo2,Myint Zu Min3UYRJ 2017-2018
Comparison Between Self-Made Insecticde Treated Net(ITN)and Commercially available Long Lasting Insecticide Net(LLIN)against Aedes aegyti(L.1762)Mosqutio
11.Nang Sanda Myint, Kay Lwin Tun, Thida Min, Khin Mar Kyi
UYRJ (2018- 2019 ) Study on Some Vertebrates Skin Using Histological Method
12.Cho Cho, Cho Cho Thet, Nang Sandar Myint and Wut Yi Aye
URJ August (2018) Cellulose Hydrogel Films Prepared from Biomass Waste Rice Straw
13.Khin Mar Kyi, Nang Sanda Myint, Kay Lwin Tun UJCIR
September (2020) Effect of Household Processing Methods on the Removal of Pesticide Residues in Mustard Greens Brassica juncea (L.) Czern

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