Dr Nang Sanda Myint

Dr Nang Sanda Myint
Current Position
Lecturer (Zoology), Universities’ Research Center, University of Yangon
Field of Study
Natural Science
BSc(Zoology), University of Yangon, 1983
BSc(Hons), (Zoology), University of Yangon, 1984
MSc(Zoology), University of Yangon, 1991
PhD(Zoology), University of Yangon, 2014
AMSH-2(Training),Tokyo, Japan, 2003
E-Mail address & phone Number
aprilnangsanda@gmail.com , 95-9-259266361 (mobile), 95-1-535486 (office)

Research Interest
Studies Some Veterbrates Skin using Histological Method,
Comparison of Heavy Metals content in Native species and Exotic species of Chicken Meat in Yangon Environs

Major publications
(1) Some Beetles of around Yangon University Campus, 2000
(2) Systematic study on somebirds of Moyingyi Wildlife Sanctuary, 2001
(3) Analysis of Trace Element composition and Protein contants of Buckwheat and wheat samples 2002
(4) Investigation of Various Plants Naturally Grown inYaw Region for thepurpose of Preparation of Myanmar Indigenous Medicine 2004
(5) A Study on Some Myanmar Ornamental Fish Species in Inle Lake, 2005
(6) Biomonitoring of heavy metal deposition of plants and vegetables at road sides in Yangon Industrial Zones, Myanmar, 2010
(7) Preparation of biological Permanent Slides andAssessment for Quality improvement,2012
(8) Surveillance on the Breeding Sites and the Community Participation for the Reduction in Aedesaegypti (L. 1762) in Mayangone and Insein Township, 2014
(9) Preparation of fungal and bacterial spores formation slides, 2015
(10) AStudy on Knowledge,Attitude and Practices(KAP) for the Reductio for ensityn in Aedes aegypti (L.1762) Breeding Intensity for Prevention of DangueHaemorrhagic Fever (DHF) in Mayangone Township, 2015
(11) Elimination of Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever by Community Program Using Laviorous Fish (Poecilia reticulata) Against Aedes aegypti (L.1762) Larvae in Myangone Township, Yangon Region, 2016
(12) Preparation of nanobetulinic acid and investigation of some bioactivities of nanobetulinic acid and betulinic acid per se, 2017
(13) Comparison Between Self-made Insecticide Treated Net (ITN) and Commercially Available Long Lasting Insecticide Net (LLIN) against Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes,2018
(14) Pesticide Residues on Vegetables Treated with Salt Water in Concentration and Duration, 2018