Dr Myint Myint Khine

Dr Myint Myint Khine

PhD in Chemistry, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
Research Fellow of Daimler Benz Foundation, Germany (2002-2006)
UNESCO/Israel Co-sponsored Postdoctral Fellowships for Developing Countries (2007-2009)
Research Fellow of DAAD, Germany (2014-2015)
Member of Science Subject-wise Committee, JICA & ADB Projects (2018-up to date)
Member of Chemistry Subject-wise Committee, ADB Project (2019-up to date)

PhD Title
“Isolation and Characterization of Phytoconstituentsfrom Myanmar Medicinal Plants”
Postdoctral Title
“Isolation and Characterization of Membrane Vesicles Secreted by Pathogenic Bacteria and Detection of Their Membrane Activity by a Rapid New Biomimetic Polymer Sensor”
2019: Best Paper Award (19th Research Conference, MAAS)
Fields of Interest
-Isolation of bioactive compounds from medicinal plants as well as other microorganisms
-Isolation of membrane vesicles and their applications
-Herbal wine