Dr. Khin Zar Htet

Dr. Khin Zar Htet has been a Lecturer in the Department of International Relations, the University of Yangon since 2016. In 2012 she achieved her doctorate specializing in Relations between Myanmar and Sri Lanka (1948-2010) from the University of Yangon. She has collaborated in departmental research project such as International Cooperation: Myanmar Buddhist Propagative Activities with China and India (1988_2005) in 2015, in Dagon University. As the professional Experiences, she supervised the MA (Defense) in (2014-2015) AY in the National Defense College in Nay Pyi Taw. She is still supervising the MA thesis in IR in the University of Yangon. She has attended a one-year diploma program in International Relations and Development in the University of Yangon in 2013. She teaches the Political Institutions, Introduction to IR and Geopolitics to the under-grate students. Moreover, she teaches Political Institution and Relations between Major Powers of the World in the post-graduate diploma classes in the Dept of IR, UY. Her areas of interest include foreign policy and foreign relations (Geopolitics). In 2018, she conducted as a visiting fellow of the Faculty Development Program in the Central European University (CEU), Budapest, Hungary. During the program, she studied about the Course Design and Development and audited some MA and PhD classes of the CEU such as Research Designs and Methods, Political Institutions and Analyzing of Democracy classes.