Dr. Khin Thinn Thinn Oo

Dr. Khin Thinn Thinn Oo
Lecturer (LLB, LLM, PhD)

Research interests
Intellectual Property Law
Teaching Subjects
Intellectual Property Law, Law of Contract, Child Law, Public International Law, Business Law, Litigation and Commercial Arbitration, Tourism Law, Law of Tort
Research Published
1. Protection of Well-known Brands in ASEAN Countries
2. The Protection of Well-known Trademarks by Anti-Dilution
3. Well-known Trademarks in Myanmar
4. Pollution of Maritime Environment
5. Effective Teaching Methods for Legal Education
6. Well-known Trademarks and Unfair Competition
7. Passing Off and Well-known Trademarks
8. Confusion of Well-known Trademarks
9. Legal Protection and Preservation of Ancient Pyu Cities in Myanmar