Dr Ei Ei Sann

Dr Ei Ei Sann
Associate Professor

Ph.D.in Analytical Chemistry (China)
Research Expertise
Nanomaterial Science, Responsive Materials, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Functional Foods, Food Sciences
Email Address
eieisann@uy.edu.mm; eiei.rose1@gmail.com; eieisann2018@gmail.com


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    2. Ei Ei Sann, Yong Pan*, Zhong Feng Gao, Shenshan Zhan, Fan Xia. (2018) Highly hydrophobic ZIF-8 particles and application for oil-water separation. Separation and Purification Technology, 206: 186-191.
    3. Jian Bang Gao, Ei Ei Sann*, Xin Yu Wang, Cui, Rui Liu, Zhong Feng Gao*. (2019) Visual detection of the prostate specific antigen via a sandwich immunoassay and by using a superwettable chip coated with pH-responsive silica nanoparticles, Microchimica Acta, 186:550.
    4. Zhong Feng Gao#, Asmerom Yohannes Ogbe#, Ei Ei Sann, Xudong Wang, Fan Xia*. (2018) Turn-on fluorescent sensor for the detection of glucose using manganese dioxide-phenol formaldehyde resin nanocomposite. Talanta, 2018, 180(1): 12-17.
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    6. Ei Ei Sann, Khin Thet Ni, Aye Aye Mar. (2020) Extracted Natural Colour from Capsicum and Its Application in Food Product, J. Myanmar Acad. Arts Sci., Vol. 13. No.1C, 323-333.
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