Dr Cho Cho

Dr Cho Cho
PhD in Chemistry, University of Yangon

Research Collaboration with Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan (2015, 2017)
NutriSea Project, Food Safety and Food Quality, Vietnam (11/2016)
Support for Capacity Building of GMS-UC Project, SEAMEO RIHED, Laos, Cambodia (9/2018, 10/2018)
Member of Science Subject-wise Committee, JICA & ADB Projects (2018-up to date)
Member of Chemistry Subject-wise Committee, ADB Project (2019-up to date)

PhD Title
Sulphonated Eco-Sol of Thit Sein (Belleric myroblan) Oil as an Adjuvant(2005)
Fields of Interest
Material Science, Environmental Chemistry
2017: The Best Poster Award (6th International GiGAKU Conference, Japan)