Dr. Cathy Tun

Dr Cathy Tun has experience in research and teaching about the ethnography of Myanmar groups. She has worked on “symbolic meaning of Kayin traditional dress” as departmental research at Dagon University. She received her Ph.D from Yangon University in 2013. Her PhD dissertation focused on how to maintain Drum Ensemble (Hsaing Wain) in Bamar Society in their daily life. She also presented as parts of this thesis “Dynamics of the Myanmar Drum Ensemble” at a pre-conference of the Bamar/Myanmar Studies at International Conference, Chiang Mai University in 2015, and the “Role and Functions of Bamar Drum Ensemble: auspicious ceremony in Myanmar” in Sustainable Development of Myanmar: International Conference, University of Yangon in 2016. “Correlation between Livelihood and Local cultural heritage: A case study of Bamboo ware enterprise in Daunk-gyi-back village”, which received a research development grant from Central European University, Hungary, in 2015.