Daw Thawdar Win

Daw Thawdar Win
Associate Professor
Academic Qualifications
BA(Hons) History
MA. History
Dip in Archaeology
MA. Archaeology
Dip in Anthropology
Dip in GIS

Research Background
1. The various style of Buddha images in different period in Myanmar.
2. A study on excavated brick foundation in Pinle old city.
3. The study of art of making Buddha images in Innwa period.
4. A study on the Buddha’s mudra in Sagaing museum.
5. The study of Mam Buddha image.

1. Comparison between Buddha images of the first Innwa period and those of the second Innwa period. ( MURJ – 2016, Vol.7 )

2. A study on Buddhist Iconography in Sagaing Buddha museum. ( YURJ – 2018-19, Vol.9 )

3. The study of Buddha Images in Innwa period. ( URJ – 2018, Vol. 11 )